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Today, there is a large market place for software solutions in risk and safety management. These solutions often hold a high potential for creating value and furthering the safety agenda. But are you sure that the proposed solution is a good fit for your organization and your specific context? Is there really such a thing as a silver bullet? Or will the new software solution end up as a failed IT implementation?

Even if the solution is a good fit for your safety management system, there are several challenges to a succesful implementation. The right competencies must be available within the organization to support both the safety management system and the integration of the new software solution. Would you need to hire new risk managers? If so, how do you know which of the candidates have the abilities and proper mindset to lift the task at hand?



By partnering with us, you can lean on our experience to support you, whether you are conducting a feasiblity assessement of a new software solution or an evaluation of risk manager candidates.

We can provide advice on the best course of action, taking into account the current environment of your organisation, the options in the market place, budget constraints and of course our own experience. In this way, you avoid the monetary cost and degradation of safety that is associated with a bad hire or a failed IT implementation. 


When investing in risk and safety management the intentions are clearly good. However, if the execution fails, it is likely to leave your organisation worse of. By using a broker that is specialized in the field of risk and safety management, your organization can quickly advance its risk agenda, while side-stepping the cost of avoidable errors.